Misc Art

I will share work here that I make outside my metalwork. Sometimes it feels good to create a series in mediums that are outside my comfort zone or field of expertise, just for the creative fun of it.

Here is a sampling from “Bluebeard’s Tale”, a body of work I created for the One Blue Wall gallery at Art Central last winter. It is a continuation of my exploration into the marrow of the classic, yet brutal, tale of Bluebeard. Using keys, bones, beeswax or any materials that seem appropriate to delve into the hopes and fears of the collective unconscious and speak to secrets that, once gazed upon, may not be ignored without consequence. I began working with Bluebeard in the summer of 2000 and I admit a certain obsession with the subject matter, perhaps even a strange love of Bluebeard himself.  Most certainly, ‘to be continued….

Shona Rae