My creative work is inspired by a lifelong fascination with ancient myth, religion and images of prehistoric archaeological finds. For years I created a line of goddesses from porcelaine that were inscribed with symbols and characters that I learned were an actual language of sorts. I called this “The Language of the Goddess”.

In 1994/95, all through the winter, I began dreaming of hammering metal, night after night. I enrolled in an evening class to study casting techniques and came to understand that I had to continue learning about metal. I enrolled in a full time program at the Kootenay School of the Arts and then continued my studies at the Alberta College of Art and Design.

Now I forge, cast, carve and construct precious metals, sterling silver and gold, as well as many other materials into the symbols of this ancient language so that people may wear these on their bodies. I want to celebrate the human inclination to decorate our person and our environment with contemporary artifacts. At times the work is directly narrative while at others it supports the personal stories of the owner. It gives me great pleasure to have the privilege of creating jewellery and sculptural pieces for a living.

Shona Rae